Indoor Sunshine® & autism, ADD/ADHD, & schools

Temple Grandin, PhD, world autistic spokesperson, uses Indoor Sunshine®. Her telephone response to Sunshine Science’s CEO Linaya Hahn was, “I tried them. I like them.  I recommend them.” She would like to have research done with Indoor Sunshine® and individuals with autism. We would, too! And will!

Parents Report: Autism Symptoms Reduced by Indoor Sunshine®

Autism and ADD/ADHD symptoms are reduced by light that most closely matches natural sunshine, according to parents.
One parent said that her six-year-old son’s autistic support team reported that he had “the best day ever” four days after putting Indoor Sunshine® lights in her home. The team had been with him for 18 months. He interacted with other students, paid attention to the teacher, and slept through the night. (Hunter, Boulder, CO)
Another parent said his autistic son stopped his repetitive behaviors. (Richard, Denver, CO)
A thirteen-year-old ADD/ADHD boy advanced five grade levels in one year when Indoor Sunshine bulbs were put in his room. (Phil, Longmont, CO)
“Our youngest son has autism and ADHD. Under standard cool white fluorescent lights, he would scream and hold his eyes and start to vomit in 45 minutes. We installed full spectrum lights and the next day he stopped screaming and vomiting and started to talk. Our oldest son has ADHD. He is better with full spectrum light. The boys are not sick and they don’t have mood swings any longer.” (Janice D, Van Buren, AR)
Indoor Sunshine® flicker-free light specifically targets the newly discovered ipRGC cells in the eyes. Blue wavelengths in this full spectrum light help us see better and raise serotonin levels so we’re calmer and more alert.

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The Department of Education, Alberta, Canada, 1993 conducted a two-year study with 5 schools and 4 kinds of light. Students under full spectrum light

  • Tested higher
  • Grew faster
  • Had 1/3 fewer absences
  • Had 2/3rds fewer cavities than expected

In the International Journal of Biosocial Research, 1973, photobiologist John Ott, PhD, reported that under full spectrum light,
“…several extremely hyperactive children with confirmed learning disabilities calmed down completely and rapidly overcame their learning and reading problems…. The overall average academic achievement level showed significant improvement.”

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