Indoor Sunshine® and the Immune System

Study participants showed a 22-79% increase in white blood cells in 30 days with five 30 wt Indoor Sunshine® lights, suggesting a smarter immune system. They put the lights where they wanted and used them when they wanted. Pets and plants reacted positively, too.

Study participant’s comments:

  • Not so tired and more energized
  • Eyes more relaxed, less stressed, easier to read
  • Household seems calmer, less frazzled
  • Felt drawn to the light bulb
  • Felt optimistic after a long period of being overwhelmed
  • Cats slept and laid closer to these lights
  • Tulips reached for the lights at night
  • Flowers lasted longer
  • The [natural] color of the light is pleasant; it’s not yellow

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“Sunlight is an essential nutrient of life on this planet. …. Ironically, there is even evidence that extreme lack of exposure to sunlight may contribute to the form of skin cancer called melanoma, which is often associated with fears of over-exposure.” William Collinge, PhD. 1998. Subtle Energy. New York: Warner Books, pp. 89-90.

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