I’ve used Indoor Sunshine® in my home and office for years. The difference is remarkable. Rather than feeling depleted after a long day, I feel a bit energized. It’s good to know that research shows that this natural lighting can strengthen your immune system. I recommend them to my patients.

Dr. Rav Ivker, DO, Founder & Medical Director of Fully Alive Medicine, Boulder, Colorado and Past-President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine


I LOVE my light and so do a lot of people at work!!!!!!!!

I have it set up in a corner and it casts the most beautiful light in my office. I just LOVE it. It is good to know that it works even if you are not looking directly at it. I thought that I would let you know.

Angelina E., Public Health Nurse, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada


I can’t live without these Indoor Sunshine light bulbs at home and at work and it’s only been three days! I need more for the other rooms!! I want them everywhere I am.

Nancy M., Co-Founder, Brains At Work, Boulder, Colorado, USA


I’ve had your bulbs in my house and at work now for about 9 months, and I love them. Just wanted you to know that they have given me so much vitamin D that my doctor said the blood tests revealed that I actually had so much vitamin D in my system that I could cut down on my Vit D supplement. I know that this is from your lights. I love the fact that they are the closest to sunlight that you can buy.

Also my plants are doing great.

Thank you,
Susan S., Post Office Manager, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA


These bulbs are fantastic, very bright, warm up very quickly and the color is amazing. I’m going to order more for the rest of the house.

Valerey D., Mother, Seattle, Washington, USA


The bulbs arrived and I sold 3 before I could get them out of car. I love them! They are fabulous! It’s pouring rain and dark outside but there is sunshine inside my home. I’m thrilled. Thanks so much for making such a great and needed product. Have a lovely, sunny day.

Marissa S, CNP, Nutritionist, Vancouver, Canada


At a Curves Owners meeting some said their power bills were $300-450 a month and my highest month was $180 all summer. With that in mind my payback was 6 months or less. The same illumination with half the number of tubes in the fixture I’m sure helps.

I also had 2 different vendors in the club for 2 days each. They both commented on how good they felt and didn’t have the usual fatigue they have felt after working 14 hour days at other places. Coming from a retail background myself, I can tell you the difference is night vs. day on my body working in this lighting. Better yet my ladies are all smiles and happy while they’re here and they are getting their sunshine equivalent in the winter months. Best decision I ever made.

Marcia Z., Curves Owner, Hoffman Estates, IL, USA


The light bulb is amazing. My husband went to bed at 8 pm the other night because he said he was just so relaxed. He felt like he was out in the sun. It is wonderful! 🙂

Tiffany H. Boulder, Colorado, USA


My house and my office tend to be DARKER in the summer than in the winter because I am totally surrounded by trees. Additionally, on really hot days, I need to pull as many of the blinds as I can because this old house has single pane windows and large picture windows in every room — heat comes right through the glass.

The other day I was thinking how ironic it is that I seem to be experiencing some “seasonal affective disorder” (i.e. suffering from lack of sunlight) during the brightest time of the year. Then your light bulbs arrived. Oh what a relief to suddenly be flooded with “real” light! You have saved me once again!

I am definitely going to keep changing the old bulbs out! My eye strain at the computer has gone down to the point where I am not even thinking about eye strain anymore! Yea!!!!!!

Also, my office has become a much “calmer” environment which has stimulated me to spend at least 15 minutes a day filing and putting things away because it is such a pleasure to come into the office with this calm light and work here.

Dhyan A., Trainer for home-based businesses, Boulder, Colorado, USA


I just set the lights on my desk at work. I feel like I should be sipping a fruity cocktail out of a pineapple on a beach somewhere!

Susan S., Secretary, Chicago, Illinois, USA


I have 2 of the older Indoor Sunshine® bulbs, approximately 6 years old. I love them. While I have purchased other brands of bulbs for lamps, they just aren’t as good. (You knew that.)  I want to order more. I gave my last one away.

Dee U., Horseshoe, North Carolina, USA


The base is nice and heavy, and the construction is sound. I will recommend your light. Your speed of delivery is also quite unique among mail-order houses.

Fred D., University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois USA


I can truly say I/we are all very pleased with your lights. I have asked different employees what they now think. All agreed it is a great improvement. In fact they had all noticed a big difference. I/We all like the trueness of the light. In fact I have been bragging a lot about these lights to a lot of people. Hopefully you will get some more business out of this.
I am also most impressed with yourself and the professional as well as personal way in dealing with you and your company. I am sold, and hope to be talking again to you soon.

Raymond C., Owner of a Honda Dealership, Ontario, Canada


The other lights [in the stores] are horrid! They’re disgusting!

Cecilia Z., Bronx, New York, USA


I love the lights and use them for general lighting. They are much easier to read under, and easier on the eyes, in general.  I gave them as gifts to my brothers and sisters.

Terry B, Burbank, Illinois, USA


Oh my God! Oh my God! In 30 minutes I can think again!  I’m Very, Very Pleased! I can’t believe the difference!

Susan R., Professional


The Indoor Sunshine bulbs are the first that provide a light source that is refreshing and it feels as though my body is saying thank you from a cellular level. I kid you not.
Thank you for your good will and for your good work.

K. Roberson, Researcher, Marion, MA, USA


My family and I are all benefitting from the full spectrum light. I now understand that I am highly affected by not getting enough natural light as evidenced by my historically low mood and ambition during the winter months or during an extended stay in a hotel for a work conference.

Kenny, my 7 year-old son with autism, loves the light and asks for more blue light. The team of teachers he works with has noticed he is more calm and consistent in his work. We are very pleased with the product and feel a difference in our mood as a family. Parents of special needs children can do so much more when they can focus their energy. We work with a functional medicine doctor who referred us to your company.

Thank you again for your genuine interest in our experience. I appreciate your great products and great customer service.

Barry J., Professional and Father of autistic child, North Dakota, USA


I don’t know where to begin thanking you! These lights have changed my life!

For a little background, I am a ten year breast cancer survivor! With all the chemotherapy, radiation, 5 years of Tamoxifen and almost 2 years of an aromatase inhibitors my immune system was completely stretched to the limit trying to keep up. I have been cancer free since the initial surgery and chemotherapy, but over the following 7 years, I had Pancreatitis once and Meningitis 4 times! Along with those major illnesses I was having annual sinus infections, bronchitis, colds and constant fatigued. I had tried herbs, vitamins, teas, eating healthy and several other things to rebuild my immune system but nothing seemed to address all the problems or last for any length of time. I had just resigned to the fact that I would never feel completely healthy again.

About 3 years ago I discovered Indoor Sunshine light bulbs. The first thing I liked was the great natural color and appearance of the light as well as the savings the light offered. However, within the first week of using the bulbs in my house, I discovered that above all else I liked the way they made me feel. For the first time, in quite a while, I felt energized and happy! Much to my surprise, these lights did so much more than just brighten a room and save electricity. I have not had to fight that constant feeling of fatigue that used to be a daily part of my life and have had no major illnesses, bronchitis or sinus infections in three years, only a couple of minor colds! When I look back at what the turning point in my life was from being worn out to feeling normal, your light bulbs were the only change I had made in my life. I can confidently say my immune system is strong again and I am feeling healthier and happier since I brought Indoor Sunshine into my life!

Thank you so much,
Jo Ann H, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


This household consists of the husband, 95, his wife, 93, their daughter, 62, and a Pug dog, 6 years. We installed full spectrum sunshine fluorescent tubes in the kitchen and dining areas of the home in 2005. Also, have various bulbs in lamps and a light box. The fluorescent tubes are turned on around six in the morning and turned off close to midnight. At the time, the wife had a severe case of myoclonus along with motor neuropathy of the legs, total cholesterol at 240 and mild high blood pressure. All of these were treated with medication. At present, the myoclonus has disappeared to the amazement of the neurologist, the neuropathy is mild. Total cholesterol has dropped to 180 and no medication. The blood pressure is controlled with minimum medication and there are no arterial plaques.

The husband has no physiological complaints and takes a daily 81 mg. aspirin. He is a regular donor to the blood bank. The daughter is perfectly healthy. The dog, characterized as high octane, is the acme of health. Since installation of the lights, the entire family has been free of systemic illnesses. All have good appetites, sleep well and envied by many for our good health. This has to be due to an active top performing immune system.

The common denominator for all of this has to be full spectrum, sunshine lighting.

That seems to be the sum and substance of the situation. Would you please send me a couple of packets of your promotional material? My next door neighbor is in bad need of sunshine and I will give them a visit.

Dr. Wendell J. Kopp, DVM, Veterinarian, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA


I received my ten 30 watt Indoor Sunshine lights and feel so good around them. I am recommending them to my psychotherapy clients and plan to take some to my sister in Seattle.

Terri H., Camden, South Carolina, USA


Thank you very much for the Indoor Sunshine lights in our office. Over the past few days the storms have made the office dark and we have needed to use lights. The color is not abrasive and is very luminous. Margo, the accountant, likes it, too. We shall see in the winter if she still gets [lack of] sun depression.

Lily T, Office Manager, Natural Capital Solutions, Longmont, Colorado, USA


My artwork is coming along nicely. It is such a pleasure to flip on the light over my work area and be able to see.

Joyce R., Colorado, USA


The bulbs are great. I put one in my art studio. What a difference your bulbs make!

Casey B, Galesburg, Illinois, USA


I received the bulbs and was actually a little surprised when I put them in. I assumed that the light would be even “whiter” and appear to have a higher (perceived) color temperature than it did. I bought some cheap CFLs with a higher color temperature and figured they would be even more effective at creating a convincing “skylight” type of effect. Well, this long story is that with further use, the lights I ordered from you certainly appear to be the color temperature they should be – and the high CRI made them appear “warmer” because I am not accustomed to a CFL or any fluorescent for that matter outputting a spectral curve that is even enough to have both a high color temperature and still enhance warmer colors at the same time.

Simply put, other fluorescents with their terrible color reproduction can LOOK like a pure white, but there is so much that is being missed and hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of these lesser so-called “full spectrum/daylight” bulbs. I love having a 5500K bulb that is not only a white light but accurately shows colors that tend to be over-represented and/or under-represented by the other cheaper bulbs in the same 5500K range. Assuming (as I do based on usage and comparison) that these bulbs truly are in the 5500K range there is simply nothing else that competes. BOTTOM LINE: Thank you for providing an accurate full representation of colors and high color temperature in the same bulb. I have already informed others regarding your product and it is a pleasure to do so.

Thank you again for developing what you have. And thank you for taking pride in providing what is a stand out item in the midst of a lot of competition and claims with less “serious” products. You seem to have spent your early focus more on product development instead of marketing a passable product… This is the type of rare company/product I appreciate. Truly a pleasure.

Ben G


A sleep doctor recommended that my son use full spectrum light in the evening to help set his circadian rhythms. This was in hopes of changing him from waking up at 5 am in the morning. We live in Minnesota and he isn’t getting much sunlight right now. We received the light on Thursday and have been using it every day. He slept for 12 hours – woke up at 8 am today–which is unheard of. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these lights.

Kristin K., Mother, Minnesota, USA


Bulbs are great. Worked perfect for studio photography. The bulbs worked perfectly for constant light studio photography. Custom white balance came in at exactly 5000K using an 18% grey card. Resulting photos needed little to no color correction.

I highly recommend Indoor Sunshine lights. Questions are always answered quickly and issues are handled to my satisfaction every single time.

Rob M., Professional Photographer, Westlake Village, California, USA


Thank you for the light bulb! I find in the summer my house and my office tend to be DARKER than in the winter because I am totally surrounded by trees. Additionally, on really hot days, I need to pull as many of the blinds as I can because this old house has single pane windows and large picture windows in every room — heat comes right through the glass.

The other day I was thinking how ironic it is that I seem to be experiencing some “seasonal affective disorder” (i.e. suffering from lack of sunlight) during the brightest time of the year. Then your light bulb arrived. I had to bend the fixture in my office to make it possible to screw the bulb all the way in, but once I got it in and it went on — oh what a relief to suddenly be flooded with “real” light! You have saved me once again! Thanks!

Dhyan A., Business Owner, Satisfaction By Design, LLC, Boulder, CO, USA


I love the light!!!! It is so much different than an ordinary light bulb, I had no idea that indoor light could be so friendly feeling. Every time I walk into the room when the light is on, I feel happy! You really need to just try one and you’ll be hooked.

Jonette C., International Speaker and Author


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Gary told about your great lights. The light bulbs, he told me, were energy efficient, great for indoor plants and even help SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – a disorder that I have that causes depression mostly in winter when you don’t get enough sunshine! Well, I would try anything that would do even one of those things (little did I know that the bulbs do indeed do ALL of them!).

I thank God for my eyes, but they don’t see real well (2300/2300 – a little off from 20/20!). My mouth dropped open when I turned on the light with the new bulb in it!! I could see as if I were outside in natural sunshine! Honestly, these bulbs are a miracle to me. I will never buy the “old” type of light bulb again. I had friends over and they were just as impressed with the “Sunshine” bulbs as I was.

The light from these bulbs is an entirely different color than the light from an ordinary bulb. I actually sat down and read a book which I have not been able to do in a very long time. Also, I can say without a doubt, that my mood has been uplifted. No signs of SAD! This might sound hard to believe, but the light from these bulbs relaxes not only my eyes, but the light seems to relax ALL of me. I will be buying these lights for my entire house and I will be buying them for my entire family! All I can say is just try them – then you will know first-hand what I am saying is true. Thank you, Linaya! What a wonderful gift you are giving! Please feel free to use my name for recommendations or in any other way to help get these miraculous light bulbs to people everywhere on the Planet!

With Highest Regards,
Frani H., formerly depressed and almost blind, Boulder, CO USA

P.S. I forgot to mention that until I get the next shipment of “Sunshine” bulbs, I remove my miracle bulb from my living room lamp and carry it with me to use in the room that I am in!! I love my “Sunshine” bulb!! Thanks again, Frani


The light from the new bulb is really amazing. It truly mimics the light of day. It lives up to its name, Indoor Sunshine. Very clear and seems to have a slight blue cast.

Shirley W., Ft. Collins, CO


I enjoy your lights and tell others about them. It gives more shine, energetic & positive feeling.
Kavitha K, Health Care Specialist, Novi, Michigan, USA


I haven’t told you, but I have been sooo enjoying the lovely sunshine lights! Thank you, thank you very much.

Francesca T.  San Jose, CA, USA


I just set the lights on my desk at work. I have them on right now and feel like I should be sipping a fruity cocktail out of a pineapple on a beach somewhere!

Susan S., Chicago, IL, USA


We switched our home to Full Spectrum and forced the school to change their light to Indoor Sunshine full spectrum lighting. We have two sons. The oldest son has ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] with ODD [Oppositional Defiant Disorder] and he has a hard time with the old fluorescent lighting. When they switched, he did a lot better. Our youngest son has Autism and also has ADHD and compulsive disorder plus other things that go with Autism. With the old lights, he would scream, hold his eyes, and within 45 minutes would vomit. They had to change the lights for him and the next day he started to talk and read at three years of age. My children have no cavities, are well above their growth charts and do not crave the junk foods that most children want. They are not sick like most children. During the winter months they don’t have those mood swings like they used to because we switched the lights in our home also. All of our friends and family have now switch to these lights for they have seen the benefits. Our place of worship, has switched too. Now several people say they no longer get migraines when they come. We have several friends with Bipolar Disorder [manic depressive disorder] and other mental orders. They have said that these lights have helped. We want to with all our hearts to say thank you for your study and for letting the public know about this. This information gave us the information that helped us to get the school to change so now our children can learn without pain.

So once again thank you.
Janice D., Van Buren, AR, USA


Wow! Is this amazing! Just wanted to say thanks for your kindness and promptness with processing my order.

Andy M., Minnesota, USA


So far, so good. The bird seems to like the light I have the light behind her and at an angle so she doesn’t have to look directly at the bulb.
There has been a lot written recently about full spectrum lighting and birds. It’s good for their feathers, breeding, and can solve behavior problems. My neighbor’s bird was pulling out his feathers and stopped when she started using this lighting. At the very least, you might consider mentioning birds in your advertising. You have been very helpful.

Thanks a lot.
Carolyn C., Denver, Colorado, USA


I want to thank you for the light bulbs. I have to say I was totally amazed at the difference I saw. I have such a hard time seeing at night inside and had no idea the light could make that big of a difference.

Deb T., South Dakota, USA


I have your website bookmarked and continue to tell folks about you.

I have four of the 30 wt spirals in inverted bowl floor lamps in the main living room kitchen section of the 39 foot travel trailer which is my retirement home. I keep them on pretty much all the time. They keep me from getting SAD, and make wonderful light to work by too. Most trailers are just too dim without extra interior lighting.
I have two spares on the shelf too, since I do not want to be without them.

Don M., Traveling the US.


Just want to thank you again for sending out the replacement bulb [for the one that was damaged in shipping]. When I need more bulbs I will submit an order.  I really like these light bulbs.

I want to say that it is a pleasure doing business with this company.

Rose Marie G., Pennsylvania, USA


I want pass along a benefit I realized from using your Indoor Sunshine Full Color Spectrum lights.  I usually get up before sunrise so the first thing I do is go into the living room and turn on a light that has your Indoor Sunshine bulbs in it.  I have had a diagnosed condition for over 15 years called blepharospasm [an abnormal involuntary blinking or spasm of the eyelids].  My eyes are very sensitive to going abruptly from a dark environment to bright light.  I had noticed before installing your lights that my eyes had an immediate negative response to the incandescent bulb and a really negative response to the multiple bulbs in the bathroom fixture.  I would always turn on the light by the couch first. The light almost hurt if that does not sound too farfetched. Once we installed you Indoor Sunshine bulb I immediately noticed that I had no reaction when I turned on your bulb. If I ever forget or I have to go immediately into the bathroom before going in the living room, I get a rude reminder of the impact on my eyes.

You need to pass this along to support groups working with severe cases of blepharospasm.  Who knows, your lights may help others with the same condition.

Joe P., Business Owner, Longmont, Colorado, USA


These Indoor Sunshine lights are great! I don’t have to leave the kitchen to go to a window to read a recipe. Plus the food looks better.

Sonja W., Longmont, Colorado, USA

I don’t know if I ever told you how much I appreciated your healing help [re PMS] years ago. Your book, PMS: Solving the Puzzle, really helped me. Thanks for adding lights to the list of things that help PMS women. Most people are still in the dark about that! Thanks for being you and doing all that! I still rely upon all I learned from you.

Barb S., Singer/Writer, Chicago, Illinois, USA