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Indoor Sunshine® and the Immune System

Study participants showed a 22-79% increase in the most common white blood cells (Absolute Neutrophil Count) in 30 days with five 30 wt Indoor Sunshine® lights, suggesting a smarter immune system. They put the lights where they wanted and used them when they wanted. Pets and plants reacted positively, too.

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Indoor Sunshine® & autism, ADD/ADHD, & schools

Temple Grandin, PhD, world autistic spokesperson, uses Indoor Sunshine®. Her telephone response to Sunshine Science’s CEO Linaya Hahn was, “I tried them. I like them. I recommend them.” She would like to have research done with Indoor Sunshine® and individuals with autism. We would, too! And will!

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Indoor Sunshine® and Vision, Depression & Sleep

Blue wavelengths in Indoor Sunshine® are designed to activate the newly discovered cells in the eyes called ipRGC (intrinsically photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells). The result: better visual acuity and often increased independence for seniors. Blue wavelengths raise serotonin levels so we’re more alert during the day and sleep better at night.

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What people think of Sunshine Science’s Indoor Sunshine® Light

LOVE my light and so do a lot of people at work!!!!!!!! I have it set up in a corner and it casts the most beautiful light in my office. I just LOVE it. It is good to know that it works even if you are not looking directly at it. I thought that I would let you know.

Angelina E., Public Health Nurse, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

I’ve used Indoor Sunshine® in my home and office for years. The difference is remarkable. Rather than feeling depleted after a long day, I feel a bit energized. It’s good to know that research shows this natural lighting can strengthen your immune system. I recommend them to my patients.

Dr. Rob (Rav) Ivker, DO, Founder & Medical Director of Fully Alive Medicine, Boulder, Colorado and Past-President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

“We’ve been running an experiment on ourselves under yellow-orange light for the past hundred years or so. It’s not going well. We’ve been experimenting to see if humans can live healthfully and operate well, primarily under orange-yellow light, rather than under the light our bodies were designed for – sunlight. It’s clear that we are ‘solar powered.”

Christopher F. Back, Lighting Consultant, Boulder, Colorado
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