Distributors and Resellers

Distributors and Resellers2018-05-04T13:51:06+00:00

If you would like to become a Sunshine Sciences® Distributor or Reseller, please review the documents below and then contact us. These are PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).


1-Discover-Indoor-Sunshine® (124 KB)

2-Two-year-Canadian-study (143 KB)

3-ConsumerSheet-Indiv-140320 (2.8 MB)

4-Introduction-to-Indoor-Sunshine (249 KB)

5-Indoor-Sunshine-CFLs-Support-Immune-System (137 KB)

6-Product Information 2013-07-01(204 KB)

7-Marketing-Support (50 KB)

8-Indoor-Sunshine-Planogram (55 KB)


10-Sunshine-Sciences-Core-Values-and-Beliefs (43 KB)

11-Indoor-Sunshine-Buyer-Intro-4 pages-2014-04-14(767 KB)

For a current wholesale price list, please contact us directly
at Orders@SunshineSciences.com
or call 303-834-9161 (US).