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Tumor Growth & Life Expectancy

2000 mice Mice died at                  Under 7.5 months        Pink Fluorescent Tubes 8.2 months         Standard Cool White Fluorescent Tubes 15.6 months        Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes 16.1 months         Natural sunlight Health and Light by John Nash Ott, PhD, Simon and Schuster 1977   For more information, please contact: Sunshine Sciences   PO Box 19917 Boulder, CO 80308 303 … Read more

The Type of Light Does Matter

Under cool white fluorescents, male rats ate their children. Under full spectrum fluorescents, male rats were non-violent. Chickens under full spectrum light were calmer, attacked each other less, produced eggs with 24% less cholesterol, and lived twice as long. John Nash Ott, PhD, Health and Light, Simon and Schuster 1977.   For more information, please … Read more