Use of Bright Lighting in Senior Care Facilities Associated with Some Improvement in Dementia Symptoms

The use of daytime bright lighting to improve the circadian rhythm of elderly persons was associated with modest improvement in symptoms of dementia, and the addition of the use of melatonin resulted in improved sleep. “In elderly patients with dementia, cognitive decline is frequently accompanied by disturbances of mood, behavior, sleep, [...]


Bright Light plus Melatonin in Elderly Patients with Dementia

An inexpensive combination treatment has modest positive effects. Many patients with dementia have disturbed sleep–wake cycles along with deteriorating cognition, mood, and behavioral organization. These researchers investigated the effects of bright light and melatonin, two major synchronizers of the circadian pacemaker, in 189 residents of 12 Dutch assisted-care facilities. Facilities were [...]


Scientific Breakthrough ~ Blue Wavelengths Suppress Melatonin

Several very recent studies, most notably research from a team headed by Dr. George Brainard at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, have identified the specific wavelengths of blue light, 446-477nm, that are crucial in suppressing melatonin production in humans.1, 2, 3, 4 As Dr. Brainard notes, “This discovery will have [...]