Bring Indoor Sunshine® into your Life! It’s the Closest Match to Natural Sunshine.


Indoor Sunshine.

Can Changing Your Light

Change Your Life?


In more ways than you might think.

Indoor Sunshine® light is the closest match to natural sunshine. According to research, its Full Spectrum Plus® light includes wavelengths of color that the body requires for physical, mental and emotional health.

Indoor Sunshine Color Spectrum

Indoor Sunshine Color Spectrum

Indoor Sunshine is 95 CRI 5500 K. The sun is 100 CRI 5500 K. CRI (Color Rendering Index) K (blue appearance)

The sun itself is the blueprint for Indoor Sunshine.

Flicker-free with an easy-on-the-eyes white light, Indoor Sunshine CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) have the beautiful wavelengths of color that a rainbow does (see above color chart) and in the same proportions that sunshine does. To create a light that will change your life, it must be full spectrum, not a distorted or partial spectrum light. It should include a small amount of ultraviolet light, those invisible wavelengths of light that cause the body to produce vitamin D. That important UV must be in the same proportion as it is in sunlight, just not as intense.

“We have been running an experiment on ourselves [with standard incandescent yellow-orange indoor light] for the past hundred years or so. It’s not going well.”

Christopher F. Back, Lighting Consultant, Boulder, Colorado

All Indoor Sunshine products are silent, non-flickering, and full spectrum. Researchers are learning more each day that each wavelength brings a different biological response.

“….lighting systems are not neutral – they have non-visual effects on people who are exposed to them over long periods of time.” (Department of Education, Alberta, Canada, 1992. “A Case of Daylight Robbery” A two-year study with five schools and four kinds of light)

Research published in 2002 identified a third type of photoreceptor cell in the eye, called ipRGC, or intrinsically photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell. The ipRGC connects to the hypothalamus in the brain and, together with the pituitary, controls our body clock, our hormones, our moods, and the dilation of our irises in the eyes. This cell registers only light with a sky-blue wavelength. We truly are “solar-powered.”

Indoor Sunshine is the only light in the world designed with this new research in mind. We are delighted to offer you

the finest lighting in the world: Indoor Sunshine®.

You can put Indoor Sunshine in homes, offices, schools, hospitals. Although we cannot predict how you will respond, these lights have been used to address specific concerns such as autism (They’re recommended by Temple Grandin, PhD.), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), ADD/ADHD, irritability and depression, seniors’ better visual clarity and alertness, and general lighting. Indoor Sunshine comes in energy saving spiral bulbs and fluorescent tubes that can be used with electronic ballasts to eliminate that annoying flicker and hum.

We want to help you change your lighting throughout your home. You can get one free bulb when you buy nine of the same wattage.

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