Light Bulb Research

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Indoor Sunshine full spectrum light is for homes, offices, kitchens, children, plants, pets, and gifts. Better light is better for you – plus you save energy! These outstanding energy saving bulbs last as long as 13 regular incandescent bulbs and are full spectrum, 95 CRI 5500 K.

Remember how good you feel when you’re outside on a sunny day? These Indoor Sunshine bulbs are for you! Full Spectrum Plus means that they are as close to the qualities of natural daylight as you can get.

The Department of Education, Alberta, Canada, said it best, “There is no area of our mental and bodily functioning that the sun does not influence. …” We need Indoor Sunshine!

After 17-years of research and development, we developed the rare earth mineral blend that produces the closest match to natural sunshine. According to an Acupuncture Meridian Stress Assessment, they are the best full spectrum light made!
For a bar graph of the Out of Balance points in 40 acupuncture meridian points under different types of light, click here.

For a bar graph of the Energy Fluctuation in 40 acupuncture meridian points under different types of light, click here.

There are two primary factors in the rating of full spectrum lighting. The first is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and the second is Kelvin rating. CRI designates the proportions of each color contained in the light. Natural daylight has a CRI of 100 and Kelvin of 5500 at noon when we are most biologically active and alert. Our Indoor Sunshine lights are 95 CRI 5500K. In the lighting industry, 90+ CRI 5000-5500 K is considered full spectrum. Both numbers are important. If you do not see both ratings, be cautious.

For your information, typical color temperatures are

49 CRI 2800 K incandescent
56 CRI 3000 K warm white fluorescent
68 CRI 4200 K standard cool white fluorescent
90 CRI 5000 K average daylight-simulating fluorescent
95 CRI 5500 K Indoor Sunshine full spectrum light
100 CRI 5500 K outdoor sunshine

Our outstanding Indoor Sunshine bulbs fit standard fixtures and save energy. They are factory rated to last 10,000 hours. You save 75-80% in electricity when compared to regular incandescent bulbs and the spirals don’t get hot. In addition, since they last as long as 13 incandescent bulbs, you don’t have to buy those 13 replacements bulbs. You reduce landfill waste, too, since you’re not constantly buying new bulbs and throwing the old ones away.

The spiral bulbs have a standard base. They may be used base down (as in a lamp) or base up (as in a recessed fixture or “can” or “high hat” in the ceiling). They are fine behind a lamp shade or in a hanging lamp. They can be used in a three-way fixture (they light up on the middle click), but not with dimmer switches or touch-on lamps which burn out the ballasts.

Great for homes, offices, children, elderly, gifts, plants, pets. Safe for all ages.

Choose from 4 wattages. Remember, these Indoor Sunshine bulbs are fine for fixtures that say “maximum 40 or 60 watts” because the brightest one uses only 30 watts of electricity. They give you 4-5 times the light.

Fill Every Day with Sunshine.SM