Indoor Sunshine® CFLs Supports Immune System Function

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

A study with five 30 wt Indoor Sunshine® CFLs suggests an increase in immune system function in 30 days. In 7 out of 9 subjects, blood tests showed a 22-79% increase in the most common white blood cells as measured by the Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). One subject went down 1% and one went up 1%.

Subjects were told to “live with the Indoor Sunshine lights as they would any light.” The study participants put the lights where they wanted and used them when they wanted. The subjects were eight women from 36-62 years old and one 10-year-old male. The study was completed over a 30-day period in February-March 2009 in Longmont, Colorado.

Subjects also completed three page questionnaires before and after the study that covered physical, mental and emotional subjective descriptors such as overall happiness, stress level, energy, ease of reading, acne, appetite, etc.

Subjects reported their pets and plants reacted positively to the Indoor Sunshine bulbs.

Some of the additional comments by subjects were:

  • More uplifted
  • Not so tired, more energized
  • Eyes more relaxed, less stressed, easier to read
  • See more clearly
  • Emotions were calmer and softer
  • Felt drawn to sit near the light bulb
  • Flowers lasted longer
  • Household seems calmer, less frazzled
  • Long lasting and better for the environment
  • Recommend these lights to others
  • Cats slept and laid closer to these lights
  • Feeling optimistic after a long period of being overwhelmed
  • Tulips reaching for the lights at night
  • Like the color they emit
  • More natural and pure form of light
  • Thank you for providing this product

The laboratory blood tests drawn were a complete CBC including DIFF/PLT and a Complete Metabolic Panel w/EGFR. The results warrant a larger, extended study. The new study could encompass other parameters such as chronic physical and emotional conditions, such pain, depression and anxiety.

Study conducted by Brandon Lundell, D.C., Dipl.Ac., N.E., Harmony Healing Center, Longmont, Colorado. February-March 2009.