Additional Research

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Full spectrum light is only produced by the highest quality blend of rare earth minerals in a fluorescent tube. To be full spectrum, the light must be very close to the same color balance as natural daylight at noon. At that time the sun is rated 100 CRI (Color Rendering Index) 5500 K (Kelvin rating). Our Indoor Sunshine light is 95 CRI 5500 K. We call them Bio-Correct Natural Daylight Bulbs.®

Standard indoor light, whether cool white fluorescents or incandescent bulbs, is predominantly yellow-orange. Yet we are learning that each wavelength of light causes a different effect on the body. For example, researchers have discovered that blue wavelengths, from 446-477nm, suppress melatonin. Researchers in Australia recently discovered that light raises serotonin levels, the brain chemical that helps us feel calm, peaceful and alert.

High quality electronic ballasts now cause our fluorescent lights to cycle 50,000 times a second instead of an annoying, stressful 60 times a second caused by a magnetic ballast.