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Light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

“For many patients with SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder], light therapy should be regarded as a first-line treatment, given its high success and acceptance rate.” Journal of the American Medical Association, v. 270, #22, pp. 2717-20   For more information, please contact: Sunshine Sciences   PO Box 19917 Boulder, CO 80308 303 834-9161   [...]


Scientific Breakthrough ~ Blue Wavelengths Suppress Melatonin

Several very recent studies, most notably research from a team headed by Dr. George Brainard at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, have identified the specific wavelengths of blue light, 446-477nm, that are crucial in suppressing melatonin production in humans.1, 2, 3, 4 As Dr. Brainard notes, “This discovery will have [...]


PTSD: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

While typically associated with soldiers who have been in military combat, any event that causes fear and stress can trigger Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A natural disaster such as Superstorm Sandy or an earthquake, or a crisis such as the Boston Marathon bombing or 9/11, can spark an incident of PTSD. [...]


Borrowed Light: The Natural Way to Improve Direct Supervision

Envision this: Within two years of a correctional facility's construction, staff and inmate attitudes have soared; construction and operational costs have been reduced; security and conditions of confinement have improved; and the facility's presence has improved area property values, boosted local business and become a symbol of community pride. Pipe dream? [...]


PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Linked to Lack of Light

Prominent PMS researcher, Barbara Parry, MD, of the University of California, San Diego, recently established that premenstrual syndrome is related to light and that phototherapy can alleviate PMS symptoms. Dr. Parry identified a woman in southern California who has PMS only during the winter. Parry used specially designed lights to regulate [...]


Postoperative Pain Reduced

Sunlight may reduce postoperative pain and need for pain-relieving medications. Scientists enrolled 89 patients who had spinal surgery into a study and randomly assigned the patients to rooms that were sunny or dimly lighted. Subjects in the lighter rooms received 46 percent more sunlight per day than those in the darker [...]


Full Spectrum Classroom Light & Sickness in Pupils

Sir, - The number of days children at the Green Street Elementary School, Brattleboro, Vermont, were off sick fell significantly after distorted spectrum fluorescent (DSF) was replaced by full-spectrum fluorescent (FSF) light. As an experiment the DSF light in three classrooms at this school, where pupils are 5-9 years old, was [...]